About Nordic Sound


Nordic Sound aims at growing and facilitating the online viewing and listening of classical music.  

Nordic Sound work with orchestras, ensembles, concert venues, artist agencies, composer associations, copyright associations and technology partners around the world. The goal is to keep it simple for the users to experience classical music online. 

The organization is non-profit and is building on a philosophy of sharing technology and collaborate on content.


The organization will on behalf of it’s members:

  • Keeping up to date with the technological developments and the emergence of new technological solutions and platforms
  • Conduct common development and operation of digital platforms (e.g. apps). The orchestras’ individual organizations are too small to handle this, and a joint development will ensure the best technical solutions and minimize costs
  • Common development of audience development on digital platforms
  • Joint marketing and common partnership agreements with third-party platforms (e.g. smart tv, vehicle dashboard, mobile phones etc.)
  • Strengthen the members’ negotiating power concerning rights
  • Strengthen knowledge of digital opportunities – and ensure a greater focus on this in the individual orchestras


Become a member:

Are you working for a classical music organisation or a freelancer in the Nordic countries?

Then you can become a member of Nordic Sound and have the opportunity to participate in network meetings, development of new ideas and new digital projects.

Contact the association’s head of secretariat Ole Mølgaard at info@nordicsound.org for further information.


Please contact us if you like to be a member or just want to hear more about our work.