CTLYZ – Copenhagen Summit – Follow the journey from idea and strategy to realisation

29th-30th November 2021

Vision into Action.
Josh Greenberg, Green Mountain Lodge.
Leadership: Driving the stars to perform – and considering the whole Human.
Kasper Holten, Royal Theater, Denmark.
The future of social audio in the music Industry.
Sofie Hvidtved, Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies.
Changes for a digital Market.
Morten Hessedahl, Gyldendal. 
Passive vs active Listening.
Craig May, FUGA.
Aggregating Data.
Esben Christensen, Tradable Bits.


Business Proposal: Digital concert hall for nordic sound Members.
Asbjørn Keiding, DEOO.
Business Proposal: FRONTROW – an end-to-end tech solution for classical music concert Promoters.
Jakub Fiebig, ONSTAGE
Setting up our own Distribution.
Henrik Bjørlin, Nordic Sound.
Their Largest Concert Hall is YouTube.
Lars Petter Hagen, Oslo Symphony.

Forging ahead in partnership with Technology – A PENTATONE and Primephonic success story.
Simon Eder, PENTATONE and Primephonic

European Copyright Update.
Speaker: Jërker Edstrøm, Ström.