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Inspirational meetings and workshops for Nordic Sound Members

We invite members to a number of inspirational meetings and workshops where keynote speakers introduce us to new ideas and invite all to start a conversation about classical music in a digital world.


8th February 2022, 3 pm-4.30 pm:

Reaching out for new audience: Their largest concert hall is YouTube

The Oslo Philharmonic is a symphony orchestra of international renown. Normally the Oslo Philharmonic plays between 60 and 70 concerts in Oslo each year, mostly at Oslo Concert Hall, but also at several other venues. But during the corona, the orchestra’s digital ambitions were boosted and today the Oslo Symphony has almost 50,000 followers on YouTube. At this session you can hear head of development Lars Petter Hagen, talk about the orchestra’s YouTube adventures – and what they hope to achieve with their digital ambitions.

The session will also include a members round where we will focus on members experience on how we try to – and often succeed – in reaching out for a new audience.  We will share our experience and methods.

1st March 2022, 3 pm-4.30 pm:
NORDx online event: Music rights on digital platforms We will focus on music rights in the digital world. Senior legal counsel Susanne Abbefalck from Swedish Performing Arts Association will take the lead on the session and we will identify where we as members share challenges and possibilities when it comes to rights on digital platforms. More to follow.

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5th April 2022, 3 pm-4.30 pm:

NORDx online event: SoMe – how to get new audiences via SoMe On this NORDx online event we will focus on how to use SoMe. One thing is to get likes and followers on social media, but how do you convert these into concert goes and ticket sale? More to follow.