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Inspirational meetings and workshops for Nordic Sound Members

We invite members to a number of inspirational meetings and workshops where keynote speakers introduce us to new ideas and invite all to start a conversation about classical music in a digital world.


2nd November 2021, 3 pm-4.30 pm:
 NORDx online event: Datafication and the hybrid gatekeeping mechanisms of Music Streaming

In slightly more than a decade streaming platforms have become the main way of consuming and discovering music, first in the Nordics and later around the world.

The last few years has been dominated by an algorithmic turn in streaming, and “datafication” and music metrics have taken on a key role as a gatekeeping mechanism informing choices made on acts and artists to sign, the discoverability of music within the streaming platforms, and ultimately how revenues from streaming is distributed.

In this talk, Arnt Maasø (Associate professor, Dr. art. at Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo) explores how streaming changes in the relationship between artists and audiences and some of the consequences for music culture, and the changing roles of musicians and artist.

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29th – 30th November 2021:

Nordic Sound CTLYZ – Copenhagen Summit – Follow the journey from idea and strategy to realisation

Where: We will meet in the historic building, which previously housed Danmarks Radio, and which is now home to the Royal Danish Academy of Music and Copenhagen Phil.: Rosenørns Allé 22, 5. 1970 Frederiksberg C

What: 2 days intense summit for orchestra and ensembles, with the purpose of learning and getting inspiration – and to catalyze our knowledge about digitalization for orchestras, ensembles, and concert halls. 

The Summit will offer meetings and discussions with some of the leading minds in the topic of digital culture from across the industry. Our aim is to gather knowledge from the best practices. The conference will offer lectures, workshops, and of course good opportunities to network and share experiences. You will meet speakers from “our own world”, but also from other parts of music and cultural life, which can provide perspective and knowledge on digitalization. 

The conference will offer of lectures, workshops and of course good opportunities to network and share experiences. You will meet speakers from “our own world”, but also from other parts of music and cultural life, which can provide perspective and knowledge on digitalization. The speakers will be announced as they are confirmed, but can already we unveil that Josh Greenberg, formerly the Global Director of Experiential Marketing and Live Music @ Spotify, will join us and do a lecture and a workshop on how to do a strategy for the digital platforms.

How wonderful that we can now meet again in real life!

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Conference fee: Members: 350 EUR, Non-members 450 EUR

11th January 2022, 3 pm-4.30 pm:
NORDx online event: The future of online concerts
Streaming of concerts is still in its very early days and can often be a very disappointing experience compared to real life concerts, but what is the potential in the future? What technology, platforms and visual art forms should we keep an eye on, is it Virtual Reality? Gaming platforms….or something else?
Przemek Danowski is more than anybody else an expert in the new platforms and the technology. He is an Awarded interdisciplinary artist, performer and composer based in Warsaw, Poland and director and designer of interactive audio. His latest works include immersive music documentaries and interactive VR performances and experiences.
Join this free online event and get an overview of where technology is heading when it comes to making the online music experience more attractive.
1st February 2022, 3 pm-4.30 pm:
NORDx online event: Reaching out for new audience – members round On this NORDx online event we will focus on members experience on how we try to – and often succeed – in reaching out for a new audience.  We will share our experience and methods. More to follow.
1st March 2022, 3 pm-4.30 pm:
NORDx online event: Music rights on digital platforms We will focus on music rights in the digital world. Senior legal counsel Susanne Abbefalck from Swedish Performing Arts Association will take the lead on the session and we will identify where we as members share challenges and possibilities when it comes to rights on digital platforms. More to follow.

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5th April 2022, 3 pm-4.30 pm:

NORDx online event: SoMe – how to get new audiences via SoMe On this NORDx online event we will focus on how to use SoMe. One thing is to get likes and followers on social media, but how do you convert these into concert goes and ticket sale? More to follow.